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Eufaula Virtual Academy

Eufaula Virtual Academy (EVA) will enable students in grades 6-12 selected for the program to take as many as 100 percent of their courses online.  They will also have the option to take an elective course – like Fine Arts or athletics – in a face-to-face setting.This program is ideal for students who are striving to earn credit advancement, are in need of credit recovery, or earn high school credits by participating in a full time virtual school program.


  • Students must be enrolled as a student in Eufaula Public Schools and may not be enrolled in any other school district, virtual school or homeschool program.
  • Student and Parent MUST attend an orientation/intake meeting prior to beginning coursework in Virtual School.
  • Students will have two weeks at the beginning of the first semester and one week at the beginning of the second semester to make the decision to return to in person learning.  After the above mentioned deadlines, students will remain virtual for the remainder of the semester.
  • All students must have home internet access 6-8 hours a day to be eligible to participate in online coursework.  Participating students may be issued a school owned Chromebook if needed for use while enrolled.
  • Lab hours are available for full-time Eufaula Virtual Academy students at the following times:  (2nd - 7th periods).  Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria during their lab times.    
  • Students needing to access the lab who need to ride the bus to and from school may use a designated area at the high school 1st and 8th class periods if needed. 
  • Students must maintain satisfactory attendance within the virtual program by logging on, accessing courses, and completing assignments on a regular basis. If a course is not accessed for 10 consecutive days or the student is behind more than 20 activities, the student is at risk of being dismissed from the virtual program and may be referred as truant. Attendance will be recorded for students participating in EVA.
  • If the student is taking virtual courses in lieu of the traditional school setting, a student violating the attendance requirement will be returned to attend the traditional setting the following semester or withdrawn from enrollment from Eufaula Public Schools and reported as a dropout.
  • First time/Full time students must attend full time for two full weeks to establish eligibility. After the first two weeks, exceptions to this attendance requirement may be allowed based upon student proficiency.
  • Proficiency is determined by a combination of attendance, progress and grade percentages. Once students have completed the initial two weeks AND reach an acceptable level of proficiency, they may be eligible to reduce those required days each week. Students must have a 70% or better Actual Grade in their courses and be within 3% of the expected progress in each course per week in order to have in-lab attendance reduced.
  • Eligibility will be processed every Friday to determine student attendance at the lab for the following week. Students not meeting eligibility requirements will be required to attend EVA labs for a minimum period of 12 hours per week regardless of progress for the week, excluding lunch. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be counted absent each day and their virtual school account will be disabled until the 12 hour lab requirement is met.  After 10 consecutive days, the students may be withdrawn from EPS and will be reported as truant.
  • Students may be permanently dismissed from Eufaula Virtual Academy for violation of plagiarism, cheating, or inappropriate communication found in violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Students are to use their assigned password/ID and will not access other student work or folders. Students are to complete their own work online to preserve the integrity of work submitted by each student. The content of the online courses are as rigorous as that found in the traditional school setting and an equal number of hours are expected from students to ensure completion at the close of an academic semester. 
  • All cumulative exams must be taken in person in the lab with the virtual academy instructor present.  
  • Students who take and fail a virtual school class may not be allowed to enroll in any future virtual courses through Eufaula Public Schools.  
  • Failure to complete a course by the set deadline will result in a grade of F for the particular course not completed.  
  • All rules and policies of Eufaula Public Schools are applicable to every virtual student. 
  • Students participating in extracurricular activities will adhere to the same OSSAA eligibility rules and regulations as a traditional student.  
  • Students planning on participating in athletics post-high school should check with the NCAA to determine if courses taken through Eufaula Virtual Academy meet NCAA guidelines.  
  • Virtual students are to attend all mandatory on campus class meetings and/or other activities required by EHS.